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We make submittals easy for you.

Tracking project requirements can be difficult, your tools shouldn't be. Generate and print your submittal log in minutes!


Process your Spec Book in 90 seconds

Upload your entire spec book and BuildPlane will create a searchable set of project specifications in a couple of minutes. With useful specs instantly available, you can rapidly create your Submittal Log and start requesting information!


Easily track Submittals

Once your submittal log is created, BuildPlane makes it easy to know what the status is and what you should pay attention to next.

  • Organize all the information shared for each submittal
  • Track all important dates, including material lead and on-site dates.
  • Status is effortlessly viewed, updated, communicated.
  • Review changes and see a timeline of events for a Submittal with BuildPlane Auditing.

Generate and Print Reports

Create informative and actionable reports to take to OAC meetings, or review relevant submittals using BuildPlane's mobile-friendly web app.

  • Print Submittal Log
  • Export Submittal Log to Microsoft Excel


Quickly find useful details in spec sections and submittals, whether in the office or in the field.

Upload and View Documents

Safely store, organize, view, and markup submitted information.

Export Submittal Logs

Whether prepping for a meeting or sharing with a co-worker, you can always get all your submittals out of BuildPlane in a useful format.

Strong Auditing

Submittals are dynamic, so it's important to know what changed and when. Easily keep tabs on one of the most important aspects of your project.

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